Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Treasures From My Garden

I've been so slack updating my blog lately but in the summertime there's just so many fun things to do outside!

Here's some of the lovely plants growing in my garden right now.

Rose of Sharon - I have had quite a bit of success propagating these. I love them!

Sweet Peas - my grandmother always grew these in her garden so I do mainly for sentimental reasons!


  1. Hi from New Brunswick :) Your flowers are beautiful! What is the first one? Love it and now I want it in my garden :) Is it as perennial?

  2. Hi Huguette,

    The first two are both Rose of Sharon, just different colors. Check the zone rating - I'm in Ontario and I think this is about as cold as it can tolerate. They truly are a delight though!

  3. It's a beautiful flower, too bad I can't add it to my garden.