Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time For Tea

It's a cool day out there today. I ventured into Toronto and walked a fair distance along Queen Street and came back feeling quite chilled. Went to make myself a hot cup of tea and noticed that I'm almost out of green tea. That started a hunt on Etsy for different teas. Here's a few interesting looking teas - I still haven't made up my mind which to purchase!

2 oz - VANILLA SENCHA - GREEN Flavoured Loose Leaf Tea

Vanilla Scented Green Loose Leaf Tea from IvyKeep.

Organic PINK ROSE and GREEN Tea 15-20 cups- Full of powerful ANTIOXIDANTS.

Organic Pink Rose Green Tea from TheLooseLeaf


Caladosai from BlueRavenTea

Pu erh 2006 Roasted BLACK Tea in BAMBOO

And lastly, a tea I have never heard of..
Pu Erh 2006 Roasted Black Tea in Bamboo from ParkHillPantry


  1. Those teas all look great!

    A friend of mine selld tea on Etsy... check out her shop:


  2. Ooh that caladosai looks very interesting! Have you ever tried genmaicha?

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  4. In wintertime I love to drink tea, though I like coffee more. Lovely blog!