Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food, Delicious Food!

I am, and have been for a while on a very strict diet. I avoid gluten and numerous other foods in an attempt to control health challenges. Before this all surfaced I used to LOVE cooking. Now, however, it takes a lot to get me inspired about creating culinary delicacies. However, a quick look at every now and then gets me back in the groove.

Lasagna PrimaveraLemon Drop Jello ShotsRoasted Pumpkin QuicheChocolate Kiwi PopsiclesCandied GrapesMimosa Jelly ShotForbidden Violets Bento


  1. Thanks...I am sitting her drooling all over my keyboard...slurp!

  2. I was doing really well, not eating too much all day...boy am I hungry now!

  3. I finished dinner a couple hours ago and now after seeing all those great pics I'm hungry again...