Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunday Afternoon in the Garden

On Sunday afternoon, Jake and his friend were playing badminton in the back yard. We were pretending it was the French Open of Badminton (not that it really exists!) and I was the paparazzi with my camera. After taking tons of photos and nearly getting my lens hit with a badminton racket, I moved on to photographing plants (my favorite).

Whilst poking around the garden, I happened upon a robin's nest high up on the drainpipe of the house under the eaves. A perfect spot that is sheltered and that the squirrels and raccoons can't reach. It looks like the initial nest fell sideways and then they built another on top.

Hope to see some little baby birds sometime soon.


  1. What absolute fabulous pictures you have taken, my compliments!!

  2. Gorgeous finds...I hope that all is coming along well for you ~ and happy that you are taking some time off to take care of yourself!