Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camping Trip

This past weekend our family went on a camping trip to Bon Echo Provincial Park in Ontario. We had never visited this park before and were really impressed. There is a stunning lake there, offering canoeing and swimming as well as beautiful granite and quartz rock formations.

Saturday was a glorious warm day. On Saturday morning, we woke to find a family of four raccoons sleeping in the top of a tree on our site.  That night after we finished our dinner, we sat around the fire while the raccoon mommy and three babies decided it was time to come down the tree. They were very nervous but knew they had to come down. It was interesting to watch the mother raccoon pushing one of the babies to climb down the tree and the baby trying to get back up. Although we stayed very quiet, they were obviously scared. The mommy gave the baby a good talking to (at least that's what it sounded like) and then they made it down and disappeared into the bush.

Sunday, sadly it rained! Today we're cleaning the mud off the tents and packing everything away.

It's the last of the family road trips for the summer :(


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  1. It looks beautiful, and what a sweet and interesting experience with the raccoons! All good things must come to an end< right!? I too am sad for school to be starting...