Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowshoeing Season

Last winter I bought myself a pair of new snowshoes. Not the old cane style ones but the type you see everywhere now: aluminium and easy to put on! I used to love cross country skiing but due to muscle and joint issues I've had to cut out downhill skiing and curtail the cross country somewhat. My in-laws love snowshoeing and convinced me to try it.

Well I was surprised. It is quite the workout. You really use those quad and glute muscles more than I had imagined. I was supposed to go with the family yesterday but because my back flared up, I was unable to. So now I'm planning on next weekend.

Here are some snowshoe finds from Etsy, especially for a cold, winter day like today!

Snowshoe Hare

Twin Shadows

To the Rescue

Handmade Cedar Snowshoe Sign


  1. These would be great in a treasury! You should make one :)

  2. Good idea! Maybe I will if I can get the timing right - I always seem to miss the openings for new treasuries.

  3. those are some cute snowshoes :)
    ~via etsy

  4. our friends snowshoe and it looks like so much fun. but i know it's not easy!! good for you!