Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's in a name?

I often have people ask me why I called my business "Jacaranda Designs". Well, here's a little background. Although I was born in England, I spent my formative years in Johannesburg, South Africa. I used to cycle daily to school (yes, I was in great shape back then!). One of the streets we used to cycle up was lined on both sides with Jacaranda trees. The Jacaranda is a large tree that when in bloom, is absolutely covered in little blue to lilac five lobed flowers. They are spectacular! I've never forgotten the sight of these trees in bloom.

When I decided to start a business, I wanted to name it after a flower or tree as I love gardening. I chose the Jacaranda because I wanted my creations to be as beautiful and memorable as the tree has been to me.

Just to prove how lovely it is, here's a few shots.

I'd love to know how YOU decided on the name of your business. Feel free to share your stories.





  1. I think your shop name is lovely! It's exotic but feminine - very fitting.

  2. What a beautiful tree! I want one in my front yard! Stories behind names are always so unique and interesting. I just started my venture over a week ago and blogged about how I got my name. Here is the post if you are interested:



  3. Wow, what a beautiful tree and a fascinating story - the name you chose was perfect and goes so well with the elegance of your creations.

    Hmmm, I'm not sure I chose my name, but rather it chose me. Mana means the power or energy in everything and some refer to it as divinely inspired. I always felt I really fell into this trade as though it was just meant to be and it's been such a gift too, so the name has suited the situation well and moon, well.. I've just always adored the lunar beauty that hangs in the sky, it reminds me of home for some reason.

  4. I had wondered where the name Manamoon came from - now it all makes sense! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well, that blows my theory out of the water. There is a street in my neighborhood called Jacaranda. I had no idea it was a tree, I just thought maybe you street was Jacaranda. Indeed it is a lovely tree, do you think they would grow in the desert? I too would love to have one in my yard. The blooms are exquisite. I think of your shop each time I pass it.

    The name WyJa Jewels actually kinda comes from two ideas. First of all my boys names are Wylie and Jacob so the 1st two initials Wy and Ja (Wy pronounced as Why, not Will, You would be surprised how many call him Willie)
    2nd - I am always runnin around sayin' Why'd ja do that, so, it just fit.
    Jewels because of the obvious - I do not sell precious gem stones, but, it's jewelry none-the-less

  6. love the idea of combining your children's names WyJa!