Sunday, March 14, 2010

Learning Something New

On Friday I attended a class at the beading show in Toronto. I've often been to the show but never taken a class before. It was tons of fun. Hard work for three hours but I loved the end result. I learned how to wrap silver wire and made a turquoise and silver wire wrapped bangle. It fits perfectly and I think I shall be wearing it a lot. I'm also going to make another with a different gemstone. What color stone do you think would look good?


  1. Your bracelet turned out gorgeous! Always fun to learn a new skill!

  2. Oh I've always wanted to try one of those classes, they look so fun! Love the bracelet you made it's gorgeous! Hmmm, colors are always a touch one, so many to choose from, however I am partial to Amethyst so perhaps purple.

  3. purple and silver would look good...I may just try that! Thanks

  4. Love the bracelet you made in class. I have always wanted to make a wire wrapped bracelet. Yours turned out beautiful. My choice of stone would be Chunky Ryolite. I hope I spelled that right.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

  5. ok, now I have to look up Chunky Ryolite. I've never heard of it. Thanks Rosemary!