Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recent Jewelry Designs Added to Jacaranda Designs Shop

I've been really busy lately making stock for two local stores where I'm selling my jewelry. I spent most of Sunday photographing many of the new pieces and have started adding a few to my online shop.

Here they are....

Free Shipping - Vintage Blue and Yellow Floral Cameo Necklace

Free Shipping - Turquoise Rose and Gold Fern Necklace

Free Shipping - Miniature Emerald Lotus Post Stud Earrings

Free Shipping - Miniature Coral Red Post Stud Earrings

Free Shipping - Vintage Style Miniature Ivory Rose Post Stud Earrings

Free Shipping - Silver Heart Locket With Vintage Style Ivory Rose


  1. Beautiful! The top photo is my favorite...I'd wear that for sure! :-)