Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Scarf Time!

We had a glorious sunny day here yesterday but there was still a noticeable nip in the air. I realized I need to get out my winter woolies soon. I love going for a daily walk but keeping my neck warm is crucial - I hate being cold!

On that note, here's a lovely, varied selection of winter scarves found browsing on Etsy.

manchester - a super long chunky handknit cowl

Brown Ruffled Scarf

Chunky Cabled Neck Wrap in Merino Blend

Wool Felted scarf scarflette with fringe in Gray color

Hudson River Wrap

Girly Girl Swirly Swirl Ruffle Scarf Cuddly Rose Pink

Pumpkin Spice Organic Cotton Scarflette/Collar


  1. Fun! Love the orange "squiggly" one. :-)

  2. These are really beautiful finds!

  3. Very beautiful scarves! Thank you for featuring my felted fringed scarf!

  4. Nice scarves, I love the last one. This saffron (am I right) color is awesome...

  5. Oh nice! I need to learn to knit well!