Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Comings and Goings in the Service Berry Tree

Right outside our kitchen we have a service berry tree. I usually have a bird feeder filled and love to watch the cardinals and blue jays coming to feed. The tree reaches the second floor of the house and is right outside our bathroom window.

At this time of year the service berry is bearing it's fruit and it's a hive of activity.

There's "Rocky the chipmunk" and "Son of Rocky" and dozens of birds that wake me up at 4am.

This morning though, we had some new visitors. At 1am I awoke to a noise right outside the bathroom window. It almost sounded like someone trying to get it. I quietly tiptoed into the bathroom and looked out and found myself looking right into the eyes of a raccoon. She must have been about 2 feet from me. Of course, being quite brazen animals she just continued on and I closed the window.

The rest of the night, I was tossing and turning and finally stumbled out of bed at 5am to make myself a cup of tea. As I walked into the darkened kitchen I looked outside to see a possum leaving the tree and sneaking under the hedge. Just as I was about to turn around I noticed a slight movement and saw a mother raccoon with her tiny baby waddling onto the patio. They climbed right up the service berry tree and straight to the branches with the ripening berries (right near the bathroom window).

With tea in hand I snuck upstairs to the bathroom and watched the mother and baby devour berries while I drank my tea. I don't think I've ever been so close to a raccoon - they were just a couple of feet away.

As  the sun rose, they hurried down the tree and I went back to bed to finish my tea.

It was a lovely way to start the day.

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