Thursday, May 7, 2009

Featured Artist of the Week - Pieces of Me by LMG Design

This week I am featuring the Etsy shop Pieces of Me. Lisa makes wonderful pieces of jewelry from puzzle pieces. Read on to learn more and don't forget to visit her shop!

Give us a little background about yourself
I am Mom to three children and have the pleasure of being able to stay at home with them while working as a graphic artist/illustrator. When I do have free time to be in the studio, I am able to paint and create other works of art. Many of these creations take up residence in my Etsy Shop.

What do you create?
Mostly painted pieces that center around my love of nature. I can become very easily lost in my paints and just let my creative mood take me into different compositions. One day it might be all about abstract compositions, other days it is more whimsical and childlike. Painting on puzzles began when I did a craft project with my children using an old puzzle that had lost several pieces. The idea to create charms and necklaces came from this project. It is a challenge creating a work of art on something about 1.5" in size. When completed, the charms are quirky, fun or even a bit glam depending on the colors and composition.

What type of materials do you like working with?
Paints, Paints and More Paints! I love gouache, acrylics, watercolors, pen and inks, prismacolors... the more mediums the better. Mixed media is also a fun. I don't limit myself too much. Experimenting in art is part of the process.

Is this a full time or part time venture?
This is a part-time venture right now. I began my Etsy shop at the prompting of several blogger buddies and I am so happy I listened to them. I have had more fun coming up with a variety of puzzle piece charms and love to share my work with other people in this way. It also provides me with some "mad money" to spend on some of the wonderful items I enjoy on Etsy.

How do you manage your time?
Some days are busier than others. Depending on how many freelance projects I have going and my families active schedule, it can be tricky. I keep a calendar and post-it notes on hand at in my studio. I also recently added "Reminder Fox" to my browser, which is a wonderful tool for keeping to-do's in check. Setting aside one weekend afternoon a month just for my Etsy store is a top priority. It ensures I always have time to create new inventory, even at my busiest. Sometimes my afternoon will be incredibly productive and other times it isn't but the time I spend creating is always something I look forward to.

What is your favorite item in your shop right now and why?
I would have to say my dragonfly charm/necklace. I just LOVE dragonflies, they are so interesting and their wings are so intricate... filled with patterns and color. I once did an ATC of just a dragonfly wing! They are a subject that I never tire of.

What are your goals for 2009?
To keep building and improving on my store, as well as make more connections with fellow artists/crafters on Etsy. There is such a wonderful community of supportive people here and they are willing to give advice, critiques and encouragement. I really love that about Etsy.

And just for fun...
Favorite color

Favorite food
Sushi and chocolate... but not together.

Favorite music
Dave Matthews

Favorite movie
Really tough to name only one! Gone With the Wind remains one of my all time favorites.


  1. Very unique shop! Love the spring delight!

  2. Thank you for featuring me. This is so exciting. =)

  3. very cute! love the name of the shop!

  4. oh wonderful!!! Lisa made me a custom piece with a cupcake ...she is so sweet....great interview!!!

  5. Amazing puzzle pieces pendants. Such an imagination. Good luck with your Etsy shop.

    Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

  6. Wonderful interview!
    Love Lisa´s work and am the proud owner of a little piece too!
    I also looked at your Etsy shop and you make beautiful jewelary as well, gorgeous.