Monday, August 23, 2010

Interview with Etsy Artist Britt from Pinklimed

Looking for a cute ornament or magnet? Britt from Pinklimed makes wonderful clay creations and ships worldwide. Read on to learn more about this Etsy artist.

Mini Orange Sprite

A little background about yourself

Hi there! I'm Britt, I'm a full-time college student from Central Massachusetts. I spend what free time I have on creating and making my store the best it can be. It amazes me that now I can get my creations to people all over the world!

Why you love what you do

I love to make things. I love having an idea, then figuring out how to execute it, and then seeing it in front of me. I think that's why I started with clay; I can think of something and then have a 3-D model of it right in my hands.

Little Wizard Magnet/Ornament - Totally Customizable Clay Creations

What inspires you

Colors! I love bright colors. I try to make my shop as colorful as possible. I love items that make people laugh and feel a bit nostalgic. Candy is always a great medium! ;D

Mad Hatter Hat Earrings - Traditional Style

Favorite item in your shop

Oh, I don't know if I could pick a favorite! Right now I really, really love the Customizable Ornaments and Magnets. I have tons of new designs coming and I think they are so fun! My mom always loved having ornaments on the tree that looked like my brother and I, and I think it's great to be able to make those memories for other families!

Halloween Lollipop Stud Earrings

Any specials deals customers should know about?

I do random giveaways all the time! If you'd like to know when they are happening, follow me on facebook, e-mail me or convo me on etsy to get updates! They will always be posted on the front of the shop as well, so keep a look out!

Facebook?: (It's brand new, so followers are absolutely welcome!)

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