Sunday, August 8, 2010

Interview With Jessica From Etsy Shop Metroline6

Today I'm interviewing Jessica from Metroline6. I think you'll agree that her photography is simply superb. I had a difficult time deciding which of her art work to include in this feature as I really loved every piece. So read on and check out her shop, Metroline6. I'm sure you'll feel the same way as me!

Old men on a bench 8x10 Photography Print

A little background about yourself
I am a 28 year old stay at home mom/whenever I get the time photographer. I have 2 great kids, my son is 2 1/2 and my daughter is 1 1/2. They are only 11 months apart so for now they are the best of friends. (I hope that lasts for a long time!)

Windows of Nice 8x10 Photography Print

Why you love what you do
I love my style of photography because I like to capture those moments in the day that might go unnoticed, things that would happen and you would never think about again. I really like the print called "Vespa Scooter" for this reason. Someone drove that red scooter to work that morning and leaned it right against the red and green wall and probably never thought of the beauty in it. It was just part of that persons daily routine. That is what I love to capture.

Vespa Scooter 8x10 Photography Print

What inspires you
I get my inspiration from ordinary things. I like to capture the little things in every day life. I am drawn to lines and architecture also.

Favorite item in your shop
It's probably a series of photos taken in the South of France. A lot of my photos are edited to really make shadows and colors pop but with my prints from the South of France that is pretty much just what it looks like there....beautiful.

Train station in Saint Brieuc 8x10 Black and White Photography Print
Any specials deals customers should know about?
Free shipping on all orders worldwide for all your readers for the duration of this feature. Just use the code "JDfreeshipping" in the "Message to Seller" field during checkout! :)

Market Truck 8x10 Photography Print


  1. thank you again for the wonderful feature! you have such a beautiful blog and I am honored to be featured here!

  2. Great feature - love Jessica's shots!