Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Chilly Out - Winter Hats From Etsy Sellers

I've spent most of this weekend in a hockey rink watching my youngest son's team in a tournament. Yesterday my head got so cold, I decided I was dressing for the cold arena this morning and popped on my black fleecy hat - worked like a charm. I realized I actually enjoy wearing hats and yet I only have the one. So I started scouting around on Etsy and found some great hats guaranteed to keep your head cozy in the chilly weather.

Check out the little owl hat at the end...wish they made it in an adult size :)

My Favorite Hat - Green in every shade

Womens Hat, Medium - Large Teen / Adult Newsboy, Black, Gray, Pearl, Removable Flower Pin Brooch, Jewelry, Wedding Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Photo Prop, Handmade by jadeexpressions on Etsy- JE148NML

ladies or girls crochet slouch style hat multi coloured 4433

Twisted pattern woollen ball lady wool hat

Heathered Charcoal Grey Wool Beret with Flower Brooch....Winter Fashion

Hand Knit Hat - The Slouch Hat in Barley Tweed

Marsha The OWL  handmade crochet HAT Newborn  to 10 years old


  1. That last one is the most adorable picture ever! How'd your son do in the tournament?

  2. Made it to the semi-finals but then lost the game 5-1. They were disappointed. Ah well. You win some. you lose some.

  3. I have been looking for a really cute knitted hat and these are wonderful. The last picture is ADORABLE!


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