Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food, Delicious Food!

I am, and have been for a while on a very strict diet. I avoid gluten and numerous other foods in an attempt to control health challenges. Before this all surfaced I used to LOVE cooking. Now, however, it takes a lot to get me inspired about creating culinary delicacies. However, a quick look at every now and then gets me back in the groove.

Lasagna PrimaveraLemon Drop Jello ShotsRoasted Pumpkin QuicheChocolate Kiwi PopsiclesCandied GrapesMimosa Jelly ShotForbidden Violets Bento

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Woodland Wonders

I was tidying the house this morning and thinking that I could really spruce up my living room and dining room with some Fall themed ornaments. That got me looking at Etsy for some "woodland" inspiration. Take a look at these amazing artists.

6 Autumn  Wool Felted Acorns and Felted Leaves

Candy - 10 Felted Acorns in Candy Colors.

Driftwood and MOSS Candle Holders set of 2 for Green Living ... woodland (bx2.5/2)

orange silk amanita toadstool growing in the grass

Evergreen Trees - tiny forest of 6 natural green spruce or pine fabric trees

Outdoor Rustic Wedding Decoration Candles Firefly Lightning Bug Lanterns With Moss Woodland Forest Summer Fall CHIC

rosetti - a whimsical woodland wreath

Real Cottonwood Leaf Pendant - Copper


Modern Squirrels Baby Crib Shoes Booties

An olive green bear with crystals in paw, brooch

What a Hoot Knit Owl Hat

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jacaranda Designs Jewelry - New Listings

Hello, happy Thursday! I'm at home today with a sick child. We've all been under the weather this week, hence the lack of blog postings. Today I'm just going to showcase a few of my latest additions to my shop. I've been very busy - going cross-eyed here!

Chartreuse Earrings With Mauve PearlsAcorn Earrings - Antique GoldLittle Bunches of Pearls Earrings - Bronze BrownAntique Silver Jasmine Golden Bronze Pearl EarringsBumblebee Lilypad Necklace in Antique SilverHoneybee Brass EarringsPearl Earrings - Antique Gold and Burgundy - Great GiftPearl Earrings - Antique Gold and Mauve - Great GiftSilver Leaf Earrings - Sage Green PearlFree Shipping - White Rose Necklace With Clear Vintage JewelPearl Earrings - Antique Gold and Golden Bronze - Great GiftAntique Silver Jasmine Gray Pearl Earrings

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Around Britain

Mauve Painted Man in York

South African Garden Outside British Museum, London

Agapanthus, South African Garden Outside British Museum, London

British Museum, London

Fun Artwork in Camden, London

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Jewelry Designs For Autumn

Hello everyone!

Well I've been really busy lately designing new jewelry pieces for my shop and so here is a sneak preview of one of the designs.

It's a vintage style sunflower pearl necklace. It is available in antique silver or antique gold, with the following color Swarovski pearls - dark gray, mauve, bronze, green, burgundy, dark teal... if you'd like one made in a color that isn't available yet or you would like it in a different length, just contact me for a custom order.

This necklace can be worn every day or as evening wear. Gorgeous design for a wedding party too.

Vintage Style Sunflower Bloom Necklace - Dark Gray Pearls and Antique Gold
Dark Gray and Antique Gold

Vintage Style Sunflower Bloom Necklace - Dark Gray Pearls and Silver
Dark Gray and Antique Silver

Vintage Style Sunflower Bloom Necklace - Mauve Pearls and Antique Silver
Mauve and Antique Silver

Vintage Style Sunflower Bloom Necklace - Mauve Pearls and Antique Gold
Mauve and Antique Gold

Vintage Style Sunflower Bloom Necklace - Bronze Pearls and Antique Silver
Bronze and Antique Silver

Vintage Style Sunflower Bloom Necklace - Bronze Pearls and Antique Gold
Bronze and Antique Gold

Vintage Style Sunflower Bloom Necklace - Chartreuse Green Pearls and Antique Silver
Green and Antique Silver

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Online Selling - Time Saving Tips For The Holiday Season

Chartreuse Earrings With Mauve Pearls

Last year my Etsy shop was much busier during October, November and December of the year before and this sudden turnaround caught me completely by surprise. In an effort this year to avoid the stress caused by my unpreparedness last year, I've made up a holiday to-do list for Jacaranda Designs.

1. Post shipping deadlines
To avoid repeat emails from customers asking about shipping deadlines for Christmas, I'm going to post all this info my Etsy shop. I'm specifying for each major region of the world, what the shipping cut-off date is for items to arrive before December 24th.

2. Buy my supplies early
Instead of being disappointed and finding out that major suppliers have tons of items on back-order, I've taken advantage of the slow summer season to purchase my materials.

3. Make up my stock before October.
Last year I was caught making way to many pieces of jewelry into the wee hours of the night. This year I bought my supplies early (during July and August) and spent much of August designing new pieces of jewelry. At the moment I am busy making up the new designs and they will all be complete by October.

4. Order More Business Cards
I won't run out of these again!

5. Order Packaging
I've ordered bubble envelopes, jewelry boxes, ribbon, tissue and stickers all ready to package my goodies.

6. Photograph EVERYTHING
I'm busy doing this right now - my dining room has been taken over by light boxes, cameras and lights but I'm determined to get everything photographed hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully if I can get all of this done, then I can use my time to promote my jewelry. After all, unless you have people visiting your shop, everything else is in vain. I need to figure out my advertising budget, scope out where I'd like to advertise Jacaranda Designs and go ahead and book my slots.

Vintage Style Sunflower Bloom Necklace - Mauve Pearls and Antique Gold