Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Homemade Ribbon Dispenser

Yesterday I was cleaning out my office and trying to make some order of the chaos. I emptied my bin of ribbons and happened to mention to my 15 year old son that I really need to make a container to hold my reels of ribbons - something that I could put on my desk.

Being a budding engineer, he asked if he could try making something with some wood in the garage. I said "sure" as I was really interested to see what type of design he would come up with. I was also thrilled that he was willing to give it a shot and tear himself away from gaming for a while.

Here's a few photos of process as well as the finished product.

And, while he was making my ribbon dispenser, my younger son got inspired and started working on making some large trays for his lego.

Look at the finished product! I love it!



  1. Oh boy! that's great! I want one!

  2. Jane,
    I am SOOOO impressed! I need one too! They should start a summer business :) What a proud and happy mama you must be indeed , not to mention very organized now!

  3. Hi Jane, I'm so impressed! It's a wonderful piece and great that your son just went and made it on the spot.

    Thank you so much for your recent comment on my Amsterdam post. I'm afraid I'm very late in responding but do appreciate you visiting.

    Have a great weekend.