Sunday, February 15, 2009

Experimenting With Copper

This is my latest project.  It's still in progress but I'm planning on finishing it today so come back tomorrow to view the completed project.  Add ImageYou need pretty strong hands to bend the copper strip.  It probably would have been easier with a vice but I don't have one.  Thanks to my teacher Dee, for showing me how to make this.


  1. I love copper; I think it is such a beautiful metal. It can be bright and shiny or you can coax some beautiful colors out of it.

  2. WOW! Of course I love it;I LOVE to work with copper. It's been said that copper has some 'magical' medicinal qualities to it, so perhaps that's why I love to work with it!? Looking forward to the final product!!

    Thank you for your lovely compliment on my copper piece! It's so nice to have a supportive community of artisans.

  3. yes, I've heard it helps with arthritis so once I've made it. I'm going to wear it everyday this week and see what happens!

  4. Beautiful! I love the copper color.. Great work, keep it up! Hope to see more :)