Thursday, May 28, 2009

Next Two Weeks of Freedom!

In two weeks my boys break up from school for the summer holidays! Ican't believe where the year had gone. I don't exactly lose my freedom when they're home, it's just harder to get any work done. I love having them around but I do get used to time on my own while they're at school.

So seeing as I'm going to be fairly busy for June, July and August and I don't want my Etsy business to go down the tubes, I am using these last two weeks wisely. Went shopping for beading supplies the other day and bought enough to see me through the summer. I've also been ordering some different supplies on Etsy too. My job this next week is to figure out what silver supplies I'm going to need and visit the silver wholesaler next week.

I also have tons of jewelry that I haven't got around to photographing so yesterday I took photos from 9am to 3pm. My eyes were red and scratchy by the time I finished but what a relief to get some of thos pics taken!

I've just posted one new item for today and then I think I'm taking the rest of the day off! heading out to lunch with friends which will be lovely on this rainy, gloomy day.

So here's the newest item I posted. You'll be seeing more of these types of designs coming in the next few months! I love the simplicity of these beads!

Have a wonderful day everyone and don't forget to enter my giveaway!


  1. What a great idea to plan ahead for Summer - you'll have so much more time to spend with the kids! And your earrings are charming!

  2. Please take a moment to visit - you've won the 'One Lovely Blog' Award! Congratulations - you deserve it!