Sunday, May 10, 2009

Totally Decadent

Happy Mother's Day to all you others Mom's out there! Hope you're putting your feet up and having a relaxing day.

Last night I was teaching my 12 year old how to make wontons. We had some left over wonton wrappers and decided to fry them up and sprinkle them with sugar as a treat for dessert. I hardly ever fry food so this was kind of decadent in our household but tasted great!


  1. Happy Mothers' Day, Hope you have a great day too!
    Those wontons look so yummy

  2. Mmmmh, so delicious. The perfect day for something decadent. Happy Mom Day to you!

  3. I love wontons, what a lovely sweet treat afterwards

  4. Happy Post Mother's Day to you. The fryed wantons looks so yummy and delish! Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day treat.

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