Thursday, September 10, 2009

Corning Glass Museum - Well Worth The Visit!

On the way back from NYC to Toronto, we stopped overnight in Corning. My mother had mentioned that they had a wonderful glass museum there so we thought the following day we'd take a quick look around and then get back on the road.

Well, a quick look around turned into 5 hours! It was full of incredible glass creations, dating back 35 centuries. They also had glass vase making and glass breaking demonstrations which the boys really enjoyed.

My favourite section was the contemporary glass exhibit. I was able to take some photos, which you'll see below. The very last two photos are not as clear as I would have liked but I included them anyway as it was such a neat piece of art - a chess board and all the pieces all made out of glass.

To those amoung us, who are able to make these wonderful creations, I am in awe!


  1. Those are really pretty. Are they pricey? Hey, is that Corning as in Corning dishes?

  2. Yes, Corning as in Corning dishes. The pieces above are gallery only, not for sale but they have an amazing gift shop with tons of pieces. They were all 30% off but still too expensive for me to justify buying one although I would have loved one!

  3. What a neat place! It's nice to see something so specific to get more than just a glimpse of a topic. That chess set is phenomenal!!!

  4. I can see why you spent so much time in there...Such amazing pieces of art! I especially love the chess set...I'm a sucker for chess sets even though I don't really play.

  5. Wow what a nice piece of art. I would like to appreciate your art. These are really master pieces. Thanks for sharing such a nice and amazing pieces of art with us.