Monday, November 9, 2009

Etsy Artist Feature - Stolen Time

Today's featured artist is Sarah from StolenTime.

Simple Pocket Apron, Autumn Stripes

Some background on Sarah
My name is Sarah. I've been married to my wonderful husband for six years and I'm a sahm to two very busy little boys. Since leaving my job as a teacher to stay at home, I've learned how to knit and am teaching myself how to sew. I steal time here and there to work on my projects. hence, my shop's name, StolenTime.

Pink Fish with Black and White, Plush Animal Friend

Why you love what you do
It's a fabulous creative outlet. it is a great break for my day and even when nothing else gets done that day or it's been "one of those days", I can feel like I've accomplished something if I knit a few rows of a little something or get something pieced and pinned or run through the machine.

Favorite item in your shop
Right now my favorite item in my shop are the "lovies". They are so simple yet really great for little ones to love on - easy to clean, care for and carry around.

Fleece and Frogs Lovie

What items are you promoting for the holidays?
EVERYTHING! everything in my shop is marked down 15% until Black Friday - a litte early shopper bonus!

Mr. Scrappypants Cat, Plush Animal Friend

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