Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of Summer Vacation and Back to School

Yesterday we arrived back from a two week summer vacation and today school started for the boys. They're happy to see their friends but not too thrilled at the idea of homework.

We had a fantastic couple of weeks away. We drove from Toronto down to Washington DC, stopping at Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water and also at Gettysburg. I've wanted to see Falling Water ever since studying Frank Lloyd Wright's work in high school and I was not disappointed. After 5 days in Washington, visiting the various museums and monuments, we headed to Long Beach Island, where we rented a cottage for a week and basically acted like beach bums. Perfect!

On the way home, we stopped at a sculpture garden in New Jersey and I took this family portrait. Notice how I stood at the edge of the mirror to appear thinner :)

Anyway, hope you've had an awesome start to September!


  1. Cool shot! And sounds like a great vacation.

  2. Great photo! Sounds like a fun family trip!

  3. Jane,
    It sounds like your trip was fantastic! I hope your boys are all settled in school, and that you are well!

  4. Hi Meeling, Flora and Nathalie,
    Yes, we had such a good time. I must say though, that I'm glad to have the boys back at school. It's such a long summer and after a while they get really restless..I'm happy to get back into a routine too, and have time to focus on my jewelry making. Hope all's well with you all. Have a great week!