Monday, April 20, 2009

My Gorgeous Magnolia

We have a lovely magnolia tree in your front yard. Many people on our street comment on how they know spring is well on it's way when our magnolia blooms. Usually the blossoms last about a week but occassionally, when there's no strong winds, it can last for three weeks, as it did a couple of years ago.

This year I decided I would go out everyday and photograph the magnolia so we could see the progression over a week or so. Of course, yesterday, when I took my first pic, it was a glorious blue sky. Today it's pouring cats and dogs!

So here's my first photo in the series.

With magnolia's in mind, I'd like to post two lovely magnolia- inspired items I found on Etsy.

First, are these really cute Little Magnolia Baby Booties by Frostingcouture. Made with lovely wool felt or denim these booties have an elastic strap, cute contrasting felt insole(insole fabric may change depending on whats in stock), and slip-guard sole.

The second item is Pink Magnolia Handmade Coconut Milk Soap by SoapStore.


  1. Those little shoes are so cute!!

  2. Glad I found your Blog , such lovely items !
    off to see your shop now :)

  3. That tree is beautiful! I love magnolias. I wish we could grow them in ND.


  4. I love magnolias! I do wish the blooms lasted longer though, such a short stay.

    I planted one a few years ago and the deer keep eating the buds, very frustrating.

  5. beautiful photo of the magnolias... spring is a'comin/here! :D

  6. The picture is wonderful!! The baby booties are really cute... I love flowers too.. :-))

    Lolo :-)