Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pincushion Day

I've seen some lovely pincushions on Etsy lately. Here's a few of my faves.

From PinPinn a lovely citrus lime pincushion
Citrus Lime Pincushion

From ArtNestShop a practical ring pincushion
Pincushion Ring

The Pink choco berry mousse wrist band pin cushion from Berryvalley
Pink choco berry mousse wrist band pin cushion

From TheDailyPincushion, the Red Rodeo Pincushion
Red Rodeo Pincushion


  1. Many thanks!

    Susannah @ art nest

  2. These are great! I really like the lime citrus!

  3. How cute are these pin them.

  4. Thank you so much ^_^ That artnest ring is just awesome, I even want one LOL!

  5. Sooo cool! Nice work, what do you use for filler? Not sure if it is true heard natural wool is the best, that it actually helps keep the needles sharp? Any idea?
    Keep up the GREAT WORK!

  6. wow fantastic pin cushions! i love the ring! great finds!